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An independent production funded by the people

Crowdfunding campaign ended at 11:59pm on 15th October 2022


‘Don’t Rock the Boat’ aims to start conversations about Malaysian Indians and their sense of belongingness in 21st century Malaysia. This is significantly important not only to understand the community's current place in Malaysian society but also as a reference point for the community to view a social portrait of themselves as Malaysians. The documentary film aims to create an understanding of the community's place in this country. In order for this project to succeed, funding will be required in making sure the production and dissemination of this documentary film achieves its goals.


‘Don’t Rock the Boat’ had successfully achieved its crowdfunding campaign's goals. The funds will be used mainly for traveling around Malaysia to interview a diverse group of Malaysian Indians from all walks of life. To ensure the documentary film is of high quality, the funds will be used to finance professional post production processes. This will include editing, post production, colour grading, audio processing, mastering, translations and subtitling. My vision for the documentary is to make it available for anyone and everyone to watch. Funding from this campaign will also help in organising and promoting public premiere screening and roadshow screening in Malaysia’s major cities as well as making it available to watch online in the future.


To achieve all of the above, the crowdfunding campaign needed a total funding of RM15,000. With a minimum donation of RM10, the campaign was designed to be accessible to anyone who wishes to support its goals in making the documentary a reality. Every donor in this campaign will help play a part in the aim to start conversations about the Malaysian Indian community. Below is a showreel that serves as an example of the ideas and vision for the documentary. A Frequently Asked Question section is at the bottom of the page for answers to more of your questions. Should you need further details please contact us via the Contact tab.

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